custom jacket

Three Reasons You Need to Get Yourself a Custom Jacket

For anyone who has stuck with me from the beginning of my blogging journey, I probably don’t even need to give a disclaimer for my basic fashion sense and super lazy shopping habits. But every once in a while, I step out of autopilot mode and actually make a tiny bit of effort with some…

innerwear hacks

Five Innerwear Hacks Every Girl Should Know

Let’s be real for a second – Most of us Pakistani girls grow up thinking innerwear is meant to be beige, ugly and only to be talked about in hushed tones. Not to forget that you’re in a constant competition for the Best Kept Secret Award so one accidental display of a bra strap and you’re out. The competition…

printed palazzos

Style Secrets: How to Pull off Printed Palazzos

Hi there, it’s me again. Let me ask you a question. I already know the answer (yep, gonna go ahead and be totally presumptuous) but I’ll ask anyway. Have you ever gone through your entire wardrobe and found yourself thinking “I have nothing to wear!”. Yeah, me neither >.> Okay fine, at the risk of sounding…

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