Hi again.

Welcome to The Rimsky Project.

Look no further for all your answers to the questions life hurls your way and even Google is unable to solve! Just kidding, I’m probably just as clueless at this as you, (if not more) but I’m glad you’re here. Now that I have your attention (I hope), let me properly introduce myself.


My name is Rimsha and I’m a twenty-something Karachiite with a penchant for writing, an unhealthy addiction to TV shows and an increasing inability to narrow down my list of interests. Growing up in Karachi, I like to believe my life has been peppered with a fair share of drama and adventure (but then who can speak to the contrary living in this beautiful, flawed city of paradoxes).

Here are two random facts you should know about me:

  1. I share my birthday with one of my favourite authors of all time – Oscar Wilde
  2. I’m super proud of this fact though I had literally nothing to do with making it happen

I also like to dabble in the world of painting from time to time (even if some of it looks like a five year old’s handiwork). You gotta try, right?

So, I think that covers all the basics while reserving some element of mystery about me. Or not. Either way, it seems like a good place to wrap up my note of self-disclosure and talk about the blog.

The Rimsky Project is my attempt to simplify this crazy little thing we call life (for myself and, hopefully, for you too!). Though, as you’ll find out when you read more of the blog, stuff doesn’t always go according to plan for me. So sometimes, I complicate more than I simplify. Please don’t let that be your cue to leave.

I write about everything from travel to experiencing new cuisines, my experiments with DIY and makeup and just about anything else that catches my fancy. I’d love to have you join me on my adventures and share your own with me in the comments. That’s about it for now. See you around! 🙂

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