This post is done in collaboration with Fantastic Services but all thoughts are my own ’cause stealing others’ is no fun (for anyone).

Okay, you’ve probably read the title and thought to yourself, “Gurlll, you’re preaching to the converted”. No one needs convincing to take a step back from the vacuum and that foggy shower screen that refuses to go back to being transparent – not unless you’re part of that rare breed of humans who actually enjoy home chores. Yes, these humans do exist and, admittedly, I have been known to join their ranks on some occasions. But even if you belong to that league of unicorns, sometimes a little respite from home chores is exactly what the doctor ordered.

Here are just three reasons you might want to consider outsourcing your home chores every once in a while:

1) It’s much easier to maintain a deep cleaned space than to go on a one-off marathon cleaning binge

You don’t even have to take my word for it. There are tons of articles out there about the 20/10 cleaning method that do a much better job of explaining why marathon cleaning isn’t sustainable. Breaking that habit isn’t easy though so getting someone else to do that one-off deep clean and then holding yourself accountable to keep it that way through regular, short cleaning tasks is a much more manageable way to start out. At least, that’s what I’m telling myself. Before this cleaning collab, there were so many areas in the apartment that needed major attention because they had been neglected for so long.

This is the ‘After’. I really should have taken a photo of the ‘Before’

Exhibit A: the balcony. This had been an overlooked part of the unit ever since we moved in. We don’t get to spend a lot of time out there, so it’s been easy to forget that it actually needs to be swept and mopped every once in a while. This was one of the attention areas I put on my list and I cannot articulate the joy I felt once it was all washed and gleaming. Now we just need to make sure it doesn’t reach that state again and if it does, I know who to call!

2) There are some types of specialised cleaning that are just better left to an expert

Day dreaming about all the things I can do with the time I saved not cleaning

If you’ve ever tried lugging around a carpet cleaning machine or considered polishing your floors you probably understand that all the effort aside, even knowing what materials to use, what tools to buy/rent and where to procure them from is a giant undertaking on its own. Getting someone who knows what they’re doing and will bring all the equipment with them saves you time and effort and may even end up costing you about the same as the price of materials and equipment hire if you go with a relatively reasonable service provider.

3) Sometimes it’s better to delegate than to spread yourself too thin

So shiny and new *heart eyes*

If you’ve got holidays coming up like Christmas or Eid or if you’re hosting a big family event at your place, you probably have enough to do around the house without adding a deep clean of all the neglected spaces on your things to do. Delegating this task and getting someone else to do your spring cleaning will give you time to tick off the other items on your list or just take a bit of a breather.

There are SO many other reasons that you may want to utilise a cleaning service – like when you’re moving houses or when you need to get your upholstery refreshed or your windows are getting too dirty for you to actually see out of. If you live in Australia, I would highly recommend Fantastic Services. This IS a sponsored post so I don’t blame you if you don’t believe me right away. But I’m going to list the reasons why I was impressed with them and then you can decide based on reviews and your own budget and preferences if you’d like to go with them.

My Experience with Fantastic Services:

  • The process to book in the services is easy and quick and can even be done online through their website
  • The staff was very punctual (in fact they were a little bit early which I preferred)
  • They were polite, helpful and very professional
  • They were well prepared, brought all the cleaning equipment with them and systematically went through each room cleaning everything in detail (they even wiped down the switch boards!)
  • They had a list with them of the areas that required extra attention (I had shared this with them beforehand when booking the services) and they made sure they cleaned those spaces even more thoroughly
  • They asked for feedback before leaving

If you live in Australia and would like to use Fantastic Services, you can get $20 credit for any service by using my referral code: therimskyproject or by clicking my referral link here.

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