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For anyone who has stuck with me from the beginning of my blogging journey, I probably don’t even need to give a disclaimer for my basic fashion sense and super lazy shopping habits. But every once in a while, I step out of autopilot mode and actually make a tiny bit of effort with some pieces of clothing. It was one such extraordinary event that has led to this particular blog post being written.

Let me start with the obvious – why did I pick a jacket to exert my spare energies on as opposed to some other article of clothing? Because, for me, it’s the one piece of clothing that stays part of my wardrobe for years. Literally. The last leather jacket I bought was five years ago and despite its silent protests and shedding leather, I continue to wear it to this day. However, when I was approached by The Jacket Maker, I figured that maybe the universe was giving me a sign that I finally needed to move on. Clearly, things must have gone well since I’m here attempting to convince you that you too need a custom jacket in your life. Let’s discuss why:

It’s Your Absolute Best Friend Every Winter & Hence a Great Investment

Attempting the slightly-smug-smile-while-looking-into-the-distance pose here. Is it working? Can someone teach me how to smize? Highlighter’s on point tho, amiright?!

It can also be your constant companion through summer, if you live in a relatively cooler place. No matter what kind of outfit you throw on, a trusty jacket is the wardrobe staple that stays by your side no matter what. It’s the metaphorical cherry on top that ties your whole outfit together and stays with you for years (unless you’re someone who tends to get bored easily!).

A Custom Jacket Can Help Make Your Imagination a Reality

When you’re snapping your fingers trying to make fetch happen.

Okay yeah, I know this reason sounds like something out of a clichéd marketing campaign. But it’s true. Ordering a custom jacket means you’re not limited by specific designs, patterns or colours. You’re free to pick and choose anything that appeals to you and end up with your very own creation. For example, when I ordered my jacket, the folks at The Jacket Maker actually had to get the leather processed to match the exact shade of blue I wanted. I could also add ANY kind of element to my jacket – zips wherever I wanted, particular kinds of buttons, a belt, shoulder epaulettes, I was spoilt for choice. And yes, I did not know what epaulettes were until my custom consultant asked me if I wanted them on my jacket.

It Makes You Feel Super Fancy

Who goes there? Let me pose amongst these plants in peace. And yes, I have changed my jeans, thanks for noticing c:

Okay this might sound a little extra but seriously – getting yourself a bespoke jacket made out to your exact measurements and specifications AND a super helpful design consultant to guide through the process is the stuff luxury dreams are made of. The pure joy of the experience itself makes it worth the price and the fact that you end up with a premium quality product that YOU designed and which will legit last you for years to come, makes it a worthwhile purchase. Not to mention that the chances of you ever running into someone wearing the exact same thing are slim to none.

My Custom Jacket Experience

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Fine, I’ll look up from my phone and give you a smile. Can I go now?

In case you’re still not convinced, I figured I’d share my personal experience of ordering a custom jacket with The Jacket Maker in the hopes of winning you over.

So, like I mentioned earlier, the decision of ordering a custom jacket seemed to have been made for me by the universe. All I had to do was figure out what I wanted. I’ll be honest – this was the most difficult part. Knowing that the options are pretty much endless isn’t exactly conducive to efficient decision making, let me tell you. Multiple google searches of what celebrities were wearing were performed, consultations were made with friends and eventually I came up with what I wanted.

The first step was submitting a request for a bespoke design on the website. They have a six-step process which you can check out on their website here. But I am breaking it down in terms of my own experience. I received a response from a design consultant very quickly and shared some reference pictures for what I had in mind. There were about 4-5 different photos because I wanted to incorporate different elements from each one and one photo showed what colour I wanted. The reason I chose blue was because I’d been wearing a black leather jacket for years and I thought it was time to pick something a little bolder and more statement worthy.

The consultant explained to me exactly what he had understood, asked me some questions about specific design elements and described what measurements I needed to share. Once I shared my measurements, that was it! My order was ready for processing, just like that. Getting it in the mail is a whole other story. Let me just say that the excitement level was pretty high and I wasn’t disappointed with what I got. The jacket came in a lovely zipped bag, and was EXACTLY how I had pictured it. The stitching, quality of leather and the colour could not have been more perfect.

Cons: The only con would be the amount of time the jacket took to arrive. Since it was a custom piece, I did expect that it would take longer than if I chose something from their existing collection but with anticipation at its peak, the month long wait seemed never ending to me.

Would I recommend it? Yes! Without a second thought. If you’re planning to buy a jacket or order a custom one, The Jacket Maker is a great place to explore your options.

This post is done in collaboration with The Jacket Maker but all thought are my own cause stealing others’ is no fun (for anyone).

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16 thoughts on “Three Reasons You Need to Get Yourself a Custom Jacket”

  1. I’m definitely going to have to look into this! I wear out all my jackets, they are truly my favorite item in my closet, especially because it’s so cold here in Utah!

  2. Youve got some awesome points. I think it is worth it to get a customized jacket because I probably would’nt have to buy as many jackets each year/

  3. And you look so fancy indeed in your custom jacket! The blue color is so beautiful and just stands out. I have a black custom jacket too and I think I’d love another in blue too.

  4. I had no idea they even sold custom jackets! This is a super cool concept and I would LOVE to have my own!

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