Qatar Visa Pakistanis

If there was some kind of award for “Most Frequently Daydreams About Travel”, I am convinced I would have collected a few by now. Enough to fill an almost-empty award shelf and gain some kind of validation about the way I choose to spend a large fraction of my time. However, while I wait for someone, somewhere to conceive of something like that, I shall continue to gawk at Instagram-worthy destinations and figure out ways of getting there.

As anyone with a Pakistani passport will tell you, a major portion of getting anywhere, really, involves acquiring a visa. There are, however, the rare occasions when you find yourself bursting into impromptu (and rather embarrassing) dance moves upon discovering places that DON’T require visas for Pakistani passports. Or have relatively quick and easy processes for obtaining visas such as this one.

Qatar is the most recent country to be added to this list. It’s actually not even that recent. I’m only just writing about it ’cause I’m habitually late to the party *eyes dart awkwardly*. I’ve visited Doha once. For a day. And I was tiny at the time so the memories are pretty vague. I think it’s safe to say that visit didn’t really count. Sooo, now I’m hatching imaginary plans for a proper trip. And here’s everything I have learnt about procuring the Qatar visa on arrival for anyone else out there intending a real/fictional trip.

Qatar Visa Pakistanis
In the meanwhile, here’s a view of Doha from the plane. Photo taken by someone who HAS actually been there.

The Qatar Visa on Arrival

Technically, Pakistanis can now enter Qatar visa-free (provided certain requirements are fulfilled) but I feel like visa on arrival just sounds so much more….legit? So I’m keeping it, thanks c:

Requirements For a Visa Waiver for Pakistanis:

• Your passport needs to have at least 6 months validity
• You must be in possession of a confirmed return ticket
• You should be able to show a hotel booking confirmation in Qatar for the length of your stay (or proof of accommodation with family or friends, if that’s the case)
• You should have 5000 QAR on you, or equivalent in another currency, or hold a valid credit card
• If coming directly from Pakistan, you need to have a valid polio vaccination certificate

This visa waiver allows you to spend up to 30 days in Qatar. You can also extend it another 30 days as long as you’re able to show a confirmed return ticket.

For any other questions you may have about the visa waiver, check out the FAQ section on the Visit Qatar website here.

Qatar Transit Visa

This one, as the name may have given away, is NOT the same as the visa waiver and hence does not have the same requirements.

Qatar Visa PakistanisThe Doha skyline at night.

Who is the free transit visa for?

  • Anyone travelling on Qatar Airways,
  • With a layover in Doha between 5 to 96 hours,
  • Who has added Doha as a stop in their itinerary (you can learn how to do that here)

In case you’re unsure about how to spend your time during the transit, you can also book a transit tour with Discover Qatar (though, this you’ll have to pay for). Check out tour options here.

If you’ve got more questions about this type of visa, this FAQ section may prove to be more helpful than me.

That’s pretty much all there is to it. If you end up going, pls bring me back a camel figurine (dunno why, I suddenly want one). Thanks.


Also, this is like the fourth post in my ‘Visas for Pakistanis’ series. Enough to name this series something like ‘The Visa Project’? ‘Cause like, The Rimsky Project. Super creative, right? *more awkward darting of eyes* Anyhow, if you, like me, are a fan of collecting visa information for no particular reason, you can check out my other visa-related blog posts here:

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Disclaimer: For anyone reading this, please know that I am not an authority on the subject. I have merely shared any information I gathered in the process of daydreaming about my own visa. I put it down into this blog post with the intention of helping others who may be planning their own trips. I am not responsible or take any guarantees for any individual’s approval through immigration. Thanks.

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