In case my last post wasn’t convincing enough to make you want to visit Malta (good thing I didn’t pursue a career in law, amiright), I’m hoping this one will do the trick. For those who WERE convinced and asked me about the visa etc. here’s some quick info before I get to the photo diary.

Malta Visa Info for Pakistanis (Karachiites, more specifically)

The reason I’ve singled out Karachiites is not to play favourites but merely because I applied from Karachi myself.

Also, quick disclaimer to avoid being chased with pitchforks: This information was accurate when I applied in January 2016. I’m not sure if there have been any changes since then. I’m not an expert or a travel agent so just sharing my personal experience, thanks.

Malta only has an Honorary Consulate in Karachi (and Lahore, as far as I know), which means they don’t issue any Schengen visas themselves. However, they have an agreement with the Italian Consulate/Embassy which allows the Italian Consulate/Embassy to issue visas on their behalf. [Took quite a bit of digging and calling random numbers I found on Google to get this information so pliss appreciate.] Here’s what that means:

  • You have to follow the procedure for a Schengen visa application for Italy (you can find all the forms here). Gerry’s is now handling Italian visa applications. When I applied, I had to book an appointment at the Consulate in Karachi. That’s one change I’m aware of
  • When applying, you need to specify that you are applying for a visa to visit Malta (tickets, hotel bookings etc.)
  • Unlike usual Schengen requirements, where you first need to travel to the country which issued the visa i.e.Italy, you can travel directly to Malta
  • Since it is a Schengen visa, you can, of course, visit other Schengen states once you’re done with your trip to Malta

That is all. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask, though I can’t promise that I will have the answers.

Malta Photo Diary (January)

You know what they say about small packages, right? So, it shouldn’t really come as a surprise that Malta, a tiny package Mediterranean island offers ALL the good things. It packs a punch of history, culture, food, natural beauty and…need I say more? Even though we were there for almost 10 days, I know we still didn’t get a chance to see everything. So, do me a favour – share your favourite spots or photos when you visit so we can all live vicariously through each other. Yes? Deal. Here are mine.

Day 1: Breakfast with this view. Pls let me take a moment to snap back to reality. [We stayed at the Marina Hotel Corinthia Beach Resort].
Happy faces before we set off on our adventures for the first day. The weather was sunny with a cool wind calling for a light jacket. Pls try to ignore the fading henna on my hands, thx


Our very first glimpse of Valletta (Malta’s fun-sized capital). Yes, I realise my photo taking game is pretty weak here, notice the partial hand in the bottom left -.-
Posing with some cool-looking steps in Republic Street (Triq ir-Repubblika). Before you question my fashion choices, pls note that these were the only clothes and shoes I had at the time since the airline lost our luggage.
View from Upper Barrakka Gardens
Judge me if you must, but these sloping streets folding into each other fascinated me endlessly
Me at St. George’s Bay after managing to acquire a new T-shirt

Cruisin’ on the Mediterranean

The cruise had multiple stops including Gozo and Comino (Malta’s sister islands). Luckily, our captain had a great sense of humour, constantly regaling us with interesting trivia of the sights and sounds.

Setting off on our first ever Mediterranean cruise – a short trip to Gozo

Malta       Malta

Might look like a scene from Assassin’s Creed but it’s just Malta being it’s historical self
Found this tiny structure on Comino super cute. Later discovered it was the bathroom lolol
Nearing The Blue Lagoon. Wonder where it gets its name

Malta     Malta

Just another breathtaking view, nbd
And another. You can literally see nature, history and modernity merging effortlessly into each other
Malta’s version of the love-lock bridge and I
At Ħaġar Qim – the world’s oldest free-standing megalithic temple complex. The lost luggage had arrived by now, in case you were wondering
The Silent City of Mdina, where a bunch of Game of Throne’s first season is shot

Malta Malta

One last beautiful view. There was also a very interesting story about that little island except I can’t quite remember what…

P.S: I apologise for the grainy photo quality. I lost all my originals and these are from my Whatsapp backup 🙁


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