truck art nails

Remember when I did these pop art nails and talked about the kind-of-complicated nail art idea I had been wanting to do? This is it. Tbh, I don’t think I was quite ready to do the idea justice in terms of my skillset (or lack thereof), but I decided to go ahead and fling the best part of an hour at it anyway. And here I am sharing it with you because it didn’t turn out completely wonky.

[“Not completely wonky” seems to be the most practical yardstick to judge my efforts in the nail art world #keepinitreal.]

Alright, time to throw in a random question that you’re probably not even asking but which I will shamelessly answer anyway.

Why Truck Art?

Truck art has held a fascination for me for as long as I can remember. It’s really quite a tragedy I don’t own more truck artsy stuff #notsosubtlehintforall. So, in the absence of other trinkets, I figured this was the cheapest and quickest way to add some of its charm into my life and give my nails some aesthetic value.

Quick note: There’s room for A LOT of experimentation here. You can play around with different colours and patterns and probably do a much better job than me. However, it doesn’t hurt to have some inspiration…is what I keep telling myself *darting eyes*.

Here’s how I did it

What I used:

– Assorted nail colours
– Toothpicks
– Tiny bits of imagination + some truck art inspo

truck art nails

Step 1:

Painted nails various bright colours until it was no longer possible to distinguish them from Smarties

truck art nails

Step 2:

Drew on flower-like shape on pinky using toothpick & gained tiny boost of confidence when it actually resembled a flower. Gave self a pat on the back.

truck art nails
Pls try to ignore the mess in the background.

Step 3:

Outlined flower-like shape with another colour. Did a little jig upon managing to keep the colours from merging into each other.

truck art nails

Step 4:

Added lopsided red dot as the cherry on top (bottom?).

truck art nails

Step 5:

Moved on to the ring finger and drew on a diamond that would make any five-year old proud. Added a dot in the middle for good measure.

truck art nails

Step 6:

Gave in to borderline obsession with dots and added dots all around.

truck art nails

Step 7:

Continued with the dot theme on finger number 3.

truck art nails

Step 8:

Threw some barely legible writing into the mix. It’s supposed to say ‘faasla rakhain’. Please tell me you could read that? *nervously hides face*

truck art nails
Also notice how I’ve somehow managed to drop a blob of blue nail colour on the ring finger at some point.

Step 9:

Forefinger gets a simple four-leafed flower which I’m hoping looks like something you’d see on a truck?

truck art nails

Step 10:

Thumb. Patience was at an all-time low by this point so this was the best I could do. Couldn’t even get the dots right. Oh well.

truck art nails

Final Look

truck art nails
Claw pose is a must

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