I was almost convinced that the only people watching my hairstyle videos were my family and friends (who were basically being forced/bribed to do it). Plus the people who were given no choice in the matter thanks to Facebook auto-play. But when I started getting requests from you guys to do specific hairstyles, I realised I was wrong. So, after a short hiatus, the hairstyle videos continue!

Some of you had asked me to do a top knot after I posted this photo on Instagram. I had that on my agenda until I got a request for a half top knot. Since it’s basically the same thing, and the half top knot has been quite the rage among celebrities, I figured I’d do a tutorial on that and hopefully make both sides happy c:

Before I share the video, here’s a quick look at some of the celebs who have been spotted with this hairstyle. I’ve just picked my top four; there are like a billion different photos on Google.

half top knot celeb

And here’s my version:

Half top knot
Please excuse the frizz & focus on the style. I’m currently not in possession of a hairspray -.-

You can also use the same method for a full top knot. Just use all your hair instead of half. I can’t believe I’m even typing this (please refrain from rolling your eyes, thanks). top knot

Like I said, this is embarrassingly easy. Anyone possessing a few pins, some basic motor skills and, hair (I’m going to set a record today for stating the obvious), can do it.

Here’s how:

Please make me happy and let me know how it turns out if you try it!

Until next time.


This month’s giveaway winner is Kiran Afzal. Please get in touch with me to claim your prize! Also, before I start getting messages about why I didn’t choose you, the winner is picked completely at random. Everyone who participates and follows the rules has an equal chance of winning. I don’t pick anyone myself. Here’s a screenshot of the results:


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