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My previous attempts at nail art haven’t exactly been the stuff of legends. Unless, of course, there’s a legend in the nail world about totally botching up your nails and then wondering why you even bothered >.> So, I didn’t have very high hopes when I decided to give nail art another shot. However, I had allowed my nails to reach talon status (just needed a beak and some feathers before the eagles claimed me as one of their own), so it seemed like a good time to try it out. Small nails don’t leave much room to accommodate my clumsy.

I actually wanted to attempt this idea I’ve had for a while which is kind of complicated. Thankfully, though, logic intervened and I convinced myself to start with something simpler. I had seen a photo of these pop art nails somewhere on the internet (Pinterest, most likely) but it wasn’t accompanied by a how-to. It looked fun and simple so I put my brain to work to figure out how I could replicate it on myself without using any nail art tools (I don’t own any). Just got creative with stuff I had lying around the house. If you’re a nail art pro, please stop reading right now. The uneven edges will activate the OCD you never knew you had. If you’re a beginner like me, please continue c:

Let me show you how I did it.

What You’ll Need:

pop art nails

– 1 bright nail colour of your choice (I used Cajun Shrimp by OPI)
– Black and white nail colours for detailing (I used Kitty Loves Black & Alpine Snow by OPI)
– Toothpicks
– An old eyeliner wand
– Optional: Cotton buds & nail polish remover to fix the mess (you only need this if you’re as clumsy as me)

pop art nails

I started by painting all the nails the same colour.

pop art nails

Then I realised I wanted one of them to be different so I removed the coral orange and painted it white instead. Let it dry for a bit. I let mine dry for about 5 minutes.

pop art nails

Next, I used an old eyeliner wand dipped in black nail colour to outline the nails on three sides.

pop art nails

You can also do all four sides if you’re feeling adventurous but I didn’t quite trust myself to not mess it up. And I thought this looked okay so I left well enough alone. Also, I’ve got shaky hands so the edges aren’t too perfect. But I don’t think you can tell unless you look very closely (at least that’s what I’ve been telling myself).

pop art nails

Now for some toothpick action. I dipped a toothpick into the white nail colour to draw on the final details. Also used a toothpick to do the dots on the white nail.

And that’s about it. Don’t worry too much if your edges aren’t perfect. No one will be able to tell from a distance (I speak from experience, lolol).

Let me know what you thought! Unless you thought it sucked. In that case, I’d be cool with you not letting me know.

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