july monthaversary giveaway

I got lazy and didn’t do a blog post about last month’s giveaway. Now there’s a month missing in the list of giveaway posts on the blog and i’ll just have to live with it. Tiny rant about self over. Let’s get to the reason you’re really here (I know it’s not for me, it’s okay, I won’t hold it against you) and talk about all the stuff in this month’s giveaway package.

1. This set of wooden coasters from Sass & Belle

sass & belle coasters

Sass & Belle is a UK-based store that stocks some of the cutest gifts and homeware you’ll ever come across. I’ve been wanting to keep these for myself but I finally realised I already have too many coasters that no-one is using (-.-) and these might make someone else happy so here we are. If you win, please treasure these forever, thanks.

2. Dangly Earrings from Lux Accessories

july monthaversary giveaway

These are so pretty, I don’t even feel like I need to say anything for you to fall in love with them. You know you want them!

3. The prettiest silver bracelet ever

silver bracelet

I might be a little biased but just look at it! It’s not made of real silver, FYI. Don’t want anyone suing me later for misleading them so just stating the obvious.

4. This body lotion from Asprey

asprey body lotion

This is from Asprey’s Purple Water collection and, I don’t know for sure, but the scent seems unisex to me. It smells amazing btw. Also, 10 points for guessing where I got it from!

5. And finally, the BONUS

Blog giveaway

I got these headphones at a Jovago event and have been making happy plans to take them out soon (especially ’cause my sister stole my earphones). But I’m feeling generous and parting with them ’cause I love you guys and I think you deserve nice things c: Also, this will give me an incentive to finally start using the earphones that came with my phone lolol.

Okay, so that’s everything for this month’s giveaway. I hope you guys love ittt. I’ve put a lot of thought and effort into putting this together, so pliss tell me you love it even if you don’t. Now go to my Facebook and Instagram and participate!

Quick look at the rules:

  • To enter, please follow the instructions on the Facebook post & Instagram post
  • Entries on Facebook and Instagram will count separately (even if you’re the same person)
  • Only ONE person will win the giveaway package
  • Anyone in Pakistan can enter
  • The winner will be chosen through random selection (I put all the names into the computer and the algorithm does the rest)
  • Last date to enter is 25th July 2017
  • The winner will be announced on 26th July 2017


In case you’re interested in checking out previous giveaways, you can find them here (though they’re already residing with their respective winners).

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