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Our trip to Malaysia came about quite spontaneously (have I already said this?). This meant that my usual destination research process that can last up to a month (um, I can be a little obsessive *insert darting eyes*), had to be cut short drastically. I did manage to squeeze in an intense week of reading on almost everything to do with Langkawi and Kuala Lumpur, though (hotels, activities, weather, places to submerge ourselves in noodles and rice, whatever else you can think of).

The noodle and rice thing is a joke, btw. There aren’t actually places where you can submerge yourself in noodles and rice. That I know of. Anyhow, the point is, our decision to stay at Berjaya Resort in Langkawi wasn’t just conjured out of thin air (though the magician in me likes to pretend it was).

Now, despite the fact that our trip was cut short (sorry, I can’t seem to get over this, if you don’t already know this story, you can acquaint yourself with the drama that kicked off our journey here), I’m SO glad we picked Berjaya. Let me tell you why. Hoping you’ll stick around for the whole thing, if only for the lame jokes c:

berjaya langkawi
Just going to go ahead and leave this picture here before we start

Btw, Berjaya is already one of the most popular choices for visitors to the island so chances are if you’ve been to Langkawi, you may already have stayed here. In that case, maybe this post can help you re-live some pretty great memories.

Okay, let’s talk about why I thought it was the best choice for Langkawi.

It’s the perfect location (no, seriously)

A photo from the Oriental Village. Ignore the murky water and check out those mountains in the back!
  1. It’s close to the airport. Approximately a 10-15 minute drive; my nose was pressed against the car window like an excited puppy for the entirety of the drive both ways, though, so I can’t be too precise. Also, helpful tip: we used the Grab app instead of taking a taxi and it was much cheaper.
  2. It’s a 3-5 minute stroll to the Oriental Village (which houses some of the island’s must-see attractions). The Berjaya Resort shuttle can even transport you there if you’re completely opposed to the idea of walking.
  3. It’s super close to Pantai Cenang – the busiest beach town on the island that has a bunch of cafes, restaurants, duty-free shops etc.

They’ve got a private beach for guests

berjaya langkawi

Picture this for a moment (photo above for extra motivation): you’re lounging on a white sandy beach, sipping coconut water, listening to the sound of waves crashing onto the shore on one side and birds chirping in the rainforest on the other. I know it sounds a little too good to be true. But it’s the kind of fantasy you get to live out in real life if you get a chance to stay at Berjaya. The resort has its own beach area complete with a volleyball net and lounging chairs. You can pick up some fresh coconut water from the mini-stand near the pool on your way down to the beach. And you’re all set for your moment of pure bliss. Also, the beach never got too crowded even though we went during peak season.

berjaya langkawi

Pretty great amenities

You get all the usual stuff – air conditioning, free toiletries, gym access (though let’s be real, who’s going to slave away on exercise equipment while on vacation? not me), WiFi etc. (definitely not the fastest connection by any standards). If you can afford to stay in one of the Premier Suites on Water (know that I envy you) you also get your own private Jacuzzi overlooking the Andaman Sea.

berjaya langkawi
That viewww *heart eyes*

We stayed in a Premiere Chalet on Water which was pretty awesome too. Magical views and the sound of waves surrounding you – nothing like it!

berjaya langkawi

Plus each chalet comes equipped with umbrellas because the island’s idea of a joke is to pretend to be sunny and then burst out into big, fat tears of laughter as soon as you fall for its little charade (in other words, it rains often and without warning). And my all-time favourite: their 24-hour shuttle service which takes you to and from your chalet (waiting time is 5-10 minutes, max). Berjaya Langkawi is spread out over 84 acres of land (and sea) so walking isn’t always the best idea.

berjaya langkawi
Spot the shuttle!

Water sports & activities

berjaya langkawi
Attempting a ‘Follow Me To’ photo on the beach because I’m a walking, talking cliché c: And this was the only “activity” we managed to accomplish lolol

We were planning (planning being the keyword here) to go jet-skiing and parasailing so we were quite happy to discover that the Resort offered those facilities too. Prices are about the same as anywhere else on the island, based on my research, but please feel free to do your own investigation before booking anything; getting rotten tomatoes thrown at my face isn’t my idea of fun, thanks. The tour desk actually has a list of different activities that you can book right from the hotel which is super convenient. The list includes most of the activities that are unique to the island so you don’t have to go looking for different tour operators for each one.

Food, and lots of it (RIP willpower)

berjaya langkawi

With four restaurants and four bars on-site, we were spoiled for choice when it came to food at Berjaya. The breakfast buffet at Dayang Café is AH-mazing (so many options, you develop anxiety as you try to pick between them). You can also have breakfast at their Beach Restaurant (which is a semi-buffet) and offers breath-taking views of the Andaman Sea. And then there’s Pahn-Thai – Langkawi’s only floating restaurant, which is perfect for a (halal) dinner date. You need to get a reservation there before you show up with your date in tow, though, to avoid any embarrassment.

berjaya langkawi
Hi, just sneaking in this picture of me being a shameless tourist

The best way to experience Langkawi

Apart from everything else I’ve already listed down here’s THE most important reason (in my personal opinion, of course) Berjaya is your best bet to get the most out of your Langkawi experience. As far as I know (pls forgive me if I’m wrong) it’s the only resort in Langkawi that boasts proximity to each of the island’s unique elements – rainforest, sea, mangroves, mountains and beach. Nestled between the rainforest and the Andaman sea, it offers magical views of the Mat Chinchang mountain range and the mangroves. Btw, slightly off topic, but if you’re planning to stay in one of their Rainforest Chalets, you might wanna brush up on your monkey-speak since you’ll be interacting with quite a few of our furry friends.

berjaya langkawi
Sauntering across the street like it’s no big deal

The final word

The Resort is so well-equipped that we genuinely didn’t feel the need to explore other parts of the island (which is lazy on our part, but in our defence, we also didn’t have the luxury of time). If you’re planning to visit Langkawi and looking for a relaxing stay that will allow you to truly experience the island, then Berjaya is a good choice for you. Prices for the Chalets on Water might be a bit steep but the Rainforest Chalets are as affordable as any other mid-tier hotel in Langkawi and ten times more fun. I understand that my conclusion labelling it the best place to stay on the island may not necessarily fit in with your personal preferences. In that case, feel free to (politely) disagree!

Things to do in Langkawi

Even though we ended up not being able to do a lot of the things we had planned (due to our trip being cut short and rain etc.), I still wanted to share this list with you guys. Maybe I can live vicariously through you when you visit (*creepy smile*)? And while there are lots of “Things to do in Langkawi” lists out there, this one is specifically just the activities that I had shortlisted for us. Which automatically makes it more awesome (or more useful if you share my interests, hehe).

berjaya langkawi

Cable Car aka SkyCab – The cable car ticket also gets you entrance into SkyTrex, SkyDome, and the 3D museum. Feel free to skip SkyDome, it’s quite pointless. The 3D Paradise in Art place is a LOT of fun, though.

Sky Bridge – I skipped it because of my irrational fear of heights but it totally should be on your list.

Jet Skiing – The island hopping tours on jet ski sound pretty rad but I can’t offer up my own opinion cause we didn’t get to do it 🙁

Parasailing – Also looks like tons of fun (but I can only use my power of imagination to estimate how much).

Telaga Tujuh Waterfalls – A place so magical that locals claim it is home to fairies. The walk to the waterfalls is not for the faint of heart, though.

Mangrove Tour – Might make you a little sad about the mangroves we’ve successfully managed to destroy in Karachi but will also balance out those feelings with the joy of appreciating nature so you’ll get through it (I hope).

Sunset Cruise – Really don’t think I need to explain why this would be fun c:


Also did a post about our stay in Kuala Lumpur at The Ritz-Carlton which you can check out over here.

This post is done in collaboration with Berjaya Langkawi Resort but all thoughts are my own ‘cause stealing others’ is no fun (for anyone).

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  1. It seems a wonderful destination. I have been recently reading travel stories from Malaysia and Philippines. The places to visit there are lots and awesome too. Good to know you enjoyed the trip. I don’t know if I travel that far but for now, I’m very happy to see the locations through your lens. 🙂

  2. Wow…..looks like a exotic place to visit…..that tub by the window with a view is awesome….love the 3d picture illustrations…..good review….

  3. Malaysia is on our travel list and now we have an exact destination! Thank you for the inspiration! We MUST stay in one of those overwater bungalow hotels!

  4. Looks like you had an amazing time❤
    What a great place to visit. Such Awesome Pictures and a fantastic post because you have pretty much summed up everything.
    Saved this post because one of my friends is going to visit Malaysia, I will tell her to visit this place as well so gonna share it with her ???

  5. This place is gorgeous. I’ve never heard of it before. But I would love a tropical vacation to somewhere like this. I’m adding it to my bucket list!

  6. I haven’t heard about this place and it really looks a beautiful place to spend our vacation and looks so relaxing.

  7. Wow what an amazing post! I’ve been to KL and Langkawi and had a fantastic time there! You’ve actually reminded me of the time I spent there.

  8. Man langkawi has always been on my list of places to visit. I have been to Malaysia a few times but can’t believe I never went 🙁 inshAllah one day with my
    Hubsy! Btw you are so gorgeous and I’m saving this Review for the future when we can afford it 🙂

  9. Such breathtaking sights – what a place to be! Glad you enjoyed your stay. I’v heard really good things about Malaysia and other great locations in Asia – hope to visit soon.

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