game of thrones DIY

DIY: Antler Crown & House Banners From Game of Thrones

The time has arrived, puddings, for the final DIY in the Game of Thrones series. And no, I don’t have an explanation for referring to you as puddings. But, ask yourself, do you really need one? (an explanation, that is, not a pudding, everyone needs a pudding). As usual, I have digressed from the topic at…

iron throne diy

DIY: Iron Throne From Game of Thrones

So, okay, this Game of Thrones-inspired Iron Throne isn’t exactly a sword by sword replica of the original, by any stretch of the imagination (just keepin’ it real). However, I think it looks pretty cool in its own right. It’s quite possible that my opinion is a little biased considering the amount of time and effort I…

weirwood tree

DIY: Weirwood Tree From Game of Thrones

All Men Must DIY – THAT should’ve been the name of my Game of Thrones DIY series. Too bad I didn’t think of it before. I suppose the punny part of my brain was on holiday after all the Game of Thrones party puns it had to come up with. If you’re asking “what GoT…

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