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Welcome! My blog’s a little miffed because I’ve been paying more attention to Facebook and Instagram for the past couple of weeks. For reasons I have attempted to explain (aka shingles and overall laziness that followed). But this blog’s seems to have a mind of its own and refuses to cheer up. So here I am pandering to its ego by kicking off a new series which I hope to keep around for a while. Got some other series already in ze works which you can check out here.

P.S: I’m calling it Weekly for purely alliterative purposes. It’s quite possible (if you’ve grown to know me a little, you already know this) that this won’t actually be a weekly feature. Mainly cause I’m easily distracted by newer, shinier blog ideas in my head.

room makeover

1. These before-and-afters of bedrooms gave me major #bedroomgoals. HOW DO PEOPLE DO IT.  I can barely makeover my own face -.-

Selfie stick
Image source: Bankrate

2. If you’ve got a sense of humour and a slightly cynical outlook on technology, this piece by Charlie Brooker will have you chuckling out loud (COL – omg why is that not a thing?!). Also, some random trivia: Charlie Brooker is the creator of Black Mirror on Netflix. Idk, I like knowing a little bit about the person when I’m reading something by them.

unicorn food

3. Don’t feel left out if you haven’t heard of unicorn food before now. I hadn’t either. But it’s apparently taking Instagram (and the hearts of millennials) by storm.

nail art designs

4. Dress up your nails with these simpler-than-they-look nail art designs by cutepolish. They’re for beginners so even I’m planning to give it a shot.

mothers day
Image Source: Mom-mentum

5. This op-ed piece titled “Our Mothers As We Never Saw Them” gave me goosebumps. Also made me want to sit down with Ammi and flip through old photos where I can appreciate her unique style and impeccable fashion sense.

What fun & interesting stuff did you come across this week? Pls share with me also c:

13 thoughts on “Weekly Web Digest – Bedroom Makeovers, Unicorn Food & Other Stories”

  1. This is a cool idea! I’ve never heard of unicorn food but I think that one was my favorite…manly because I love anything that has to do with food 😉

  2. First of all, unicorn food makes me want to vomit just looking at it lol Second, I am totally checking out that piece by Charlie Brooker. Black Mirror is SO AWESOME and slightly disturbing all at once!

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