If you’re like any partially sane human ever, you’re probably psyched about the long weekend. I say “partially sane” ’cause like, being just plain sane is so last century. And so is talking like this. But that’s beside the point. Let’s not lose focus of the important topic we’re here to talk about – the long weekend. I’ve got big plans! The kind that involve curling up on the couch with some junk food on the side and a whole bunch of movies in the hard drive. Super exciting, I know. Hey, I saw that eye roll!

But, being in a ‘sharing is caring’ kinda mood I thought I’d do a post about the movies that are on my to-watch list for this weekend. This way, you guys can get some movie inspo. And I can get your feedback if you’ve already watched any of them. Win win. Also, if you thought any of them sucked, please tell me ASAP so I can scratch it off the list and find a replacement.

Here goes (starting with the darker ones and moving on to the less intense ones):


mine movie

I’ve already seen most of this so I just need to watch the end. No, I don’t generally watch movies in pieces but I gave in to my sleep deprived eyes at some point during this, so yeah. Just another random fact you didn’t need to know. This one’s a survival movie about a soldier who steps on a landmine somewhere in the middle of nowhere. I know it doesn’t sound like anything to write home about but it’s been pretty gripping so far. Doesn’t have a very high rating on IMDb though so let’s see if it takes a turn for the worse.

Get Out

get out movie

Don’t know much about this one except it’s a thriller. And not meant for kids. Might have some gruesome scenes, I have a feeling. Though my threshold for those is pretty high now after multiple seasons of Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead. Hoping it has an interesting storyline to balance out the gore.


sing movie

Already seen this but it was so cute and funny, I’ve been wanting to rewatch it. What’s NOT to like about cartoon animals trying to make it big in showbiz? Keep an eye out for Gunter. He was my favourite. Really wish he’d been given more screen time.

Sing Street

sing street

Yep, this one’s also about music. But with humans. It’s set in Ireland in the 1980s and is about a boy forming a band to impress the girl he likes. Have been wanting to watch it since it was nominated for the Golden Globes so fingers crossed that it actually happens this time.

The Edge of Seventeen

the edge of seventeen movie

Don’t judge me. I still like high school movies. And this one seems like a not-too-sappy coming of age film about a socially awkward teenage girl. So it could actually be good, who knows? Doesn’t have a sucky rating on IMDb either.

That’s it for now. I’ll be lucky if I manage to squeeze all of these into the next three days. And don’t even get me started on the TV shows!

Bye for now.


2 thoughts on “TGIF: 5 Movies To Watch Over The Long Weekend”

  1. its supposed to snow a ton in Denver tomorrow so my husband and I were planning for a movie night! I really want to see SING! It looks so cute! Thanks for the great recs! And, I’m with you, I love HS movies too!

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