diy mini potted plants

Truth be told, I share a complicated relationship with plants. On the one hand, I harbour a special affection for them that fills me up with joy whenever I’m around them. On the other, I have a sneaking suspicion that they don’t feel the same way about me (hashtag unrequited love).

If the grapevine (getit getit? i crack myself up, lmao) is anything to go by, my reputation in the plant world is such that even a cactus would fear for its life under my care. It might have a little something to with the fact that I’m a scatterbrain. And they’ve managed to convince themselves that they wouldn’t survive very long under my supervision (or lack thereof).

I figured it was about time to set the record straight. So, armed with my mom’s spade and her gardening wisdom, I have embarked upon this little experiment. And put together a DIY for you guys in the process.

Let us begin

Step One: Have Some Matka Kulfi

No seriously. Try it. It tastes like heaven. There’s this place at Dhoraji in Karachi where we first had it. Anyhow, I’m not just being super random (though can’t blame you for jumping to that conclusion). I only bring this up to tell you guys where I came upon these tiny matkas. 

mini pots

My mom and I couldn’t bring ourselves to throw them away even after we had licked them clean (#noshame). We form emotional connections pretty quick, clearly. So, Ammi, being the genius that she is, came up with the idea of turning them into little pots for plants. The only drawback is that they don’t have holes at the bottom, like pots are supposed to. But we can work with that.

Step Two: Spray Paint

Get sprayin’ with a colour of your choice. I used red cause it was already lying around the house.

spray paint pot

mini pot
What a freshly spray painted pot looks like. Let it dry off for a few minutes before doing the next step.

Step Three: Fill ‘Em Up

Take a small spade or even a plastic spoon will do and dig up some sweet earth to fill it with. I just used some from the garden outside. If you don’t have a garden, you can get it at any nursery you come across.

mini pot diy

Step Four: Pick a Plant

The one I’ve used is called Jade Plant. It’s supposed to be very low maintenance and stays quite happy indoors. Doesn’t require a lot of water, needs ordinary room temperatures and some bright light.

diy mini potted plants
Ta daaa. All planted and ready to take on the world!
diy mini potted plants
I also found this wooden thing (for lack of a better word) at my mom’s and decided it would serve well as a mini plant holder c:

Note: They’ve been living with me for two weeks and they’re still alive, you guys! This could be the turning point in this relationship. Fingers crossed.

Bye now.

4 thoughts on “DIY: Mini Potted Plants”

  1. I had a good laugh reading this. I love plants and enjoy seeing them thrive under care. Happy to read about your resilience to make the relationship work – against all odds.

  2. Haha i did a similar project in my parents home before shadi years ago 🙂 but i Painted the oil paints instead- i loved it 🙂

    Ph btw they must be Gamlas and not matkas – what do you say?

    I blog at

    1. That must’ve been fun! Lol yes, gamlas is right but I just stuck with matkas because of the matka kulfi 😛

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