Hi there, it’s me again.

Let me ask you a question. I already know the answer (yep, gonna go ahead and be totally presumptuous) but I’ll ask anyway. Have you ever gone through your entire wardrobe and found yourself thinking “I have nothing to wear!”.

Yeah, me neither >.>

Okay fine, at the risk of sounding totally vain and superficial, I’ll admit it – I have. Now your turn. Don’t worry, I see that imperceptible nod. Say no more. 

Sooo, here’s what I was thinking – let’s make a deal. I share some outfit ideas with you guys and you do the same for me. Then we go out into the world and wow everyone with our awesome, collaborative style. Sound good? Let’s shake on it c:

Before we start though.

A few more confessions to set some realistic expectations in case you got your hopes too high: I’m super casual. My usual outfit consists of a wrinkly t-shirt and a pair of comfy jeans. Or a loose kurta shalwar sans dupatta. On most days, my hair remains unbrushed and my PJs stay on longer than is socially acceptable. Also, I’ve been known to wear the same flip-flops for years. With everything. So yeah.

But I promise to put some effort into this. Dusting off some jewellery I’ve never worn, as we speak.

Palazzo Time

Here’s how all of this began: I was walking through a shop, minding my own business, when these palazzos started calling out to me. They were on sale and were shrieking on top of their lungs about being the best bargain of all time. Naturally, I gave in.

And here we are.

At the time, I had no idea what I’d wear them with. They were for PKR 450 though and very comfortable and airy (the perfect combo for summer). So, I brought them home with me. Then I found some stuff to go with them:

palazzos flatlay

I went through a couple of different tops, before finally deciding on this plain black one. Since the pants are printed, it seemed like a good idea to pair them off with something basic.

printed palazzos

Added on strappy white sandals and a matching white bag. There are hints of white on the pants so just wanted to bring out that colour. Coincidentally, the sandals and bag were given to me by two different people. They just happen to look like twins.

printed palazzos

To accessorise, I put on some rings, a long, dangly necklace and crystal-encrusted skull earrings for luck c:

printed palazzos 

That’s about it. Gotta tell you guys, it’s REALLY comfortable. And I thought it looked kind of nice and summer-y too. But that’s just me.

Outfit Deets:

Palazzos: Nisha by Nishat Linen
Black shirt: Primark
Bag: Voir
Sandals: Gap
Lipstick: Color Studio 101 (Neverland)
Rings: H&M
Skull Earrings: Claire’s

So. Did you love it? Hate it? If it’s the latter, let me know tactfully. Don’t go breakin’ my heartzz. And it would be lovely if you could share your own ideas with me. How would you have done it? I shall wait with bated breath to hear back c:

Bye for now.

printed palazzos

7 thoughts on “Style Secrets: How to Pull off Printed Palazzos”

  1. I can live in those pants I just have ones that are black… I think I worethem at least once a week. I want to get some print ones too. You look cute.

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