Hello there. Have I mentioned to you guys how I’m the world’s biggest coward when it comes to trying out new things? I don’t mean new things like food or travel. I’d be first in line if things like those were on offer. I mean things like starting a blog or doing a hairstyle video. Both of which I have now officially done in the spirit of living this year without regrets. The point is, this stuff makes me super jittery. And since I have adopted you guys as my new friends, please do what friends are supposed to and tell me you love it (even if you think it sucks). Kthx. Here’s the video I’m talkin’ about:

You may have noticed that I’ve conveniently managed to cut off the top of my head in the first part of the video. Basically, where I’m supposed to be showing you how I start off the hairstyle. Yeah. So. That wasn’t on purpose (not part of my nefarious plan to get you guys to read the blog contrary to how it may seem). Clearly, I’ve got a whole lot of learning to do about camera placements and whatnot. I’m hoping you guys have some scissors handy so you can cut me some slack c: Hehe. Okay sorry, it seems I also gotta work on the quality of my jokes.

Ideally, I would’ve re-shot the video but I only realised my error once I was halfway through the editing. So. I’ve done the next best thing here cause I didn’t want our friendship to suffer. Presentinggg… a pictorial walk-through c:

Step One

Gather two sections of hair from each side and tie them together with a rubber band.

braid hairdo

I used blue so you can see it better since black disappears into my hair.

braid hairdo

Step Two

Gather two more sections and make another ponytail on top of the one you just made.

braid hairdo

Step Three

Keep making these until you’ve reached the base of your head. I managed to do four. Then braid the rest of your hair normally. And ta daaa!

braid hairdo

braid hairdo
Just adding a pixelated phone picture to the mix for good measure.

Let me know what you think in the comments. Or if you’d like me to do more. Or if I should say goodbye to the world of hairstyle videos foreverrr *insert dramatic wail*.

Until next time, peeps.

6 thoughts on “Braid Upgrade – Two Minute Casual Hairdo”

  1. Very cool! I was just thinking about doing a braid this morning but was bored with another french braid, so I’ll have to try this next time!

  2. You did fabulously, and you look great! 🙂 my husband always wants me to do new things with my hair, so im going to have to try this one! Seems easy enough!

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