Rotten Tomatoes rating: 96%
IMDb rating: 9.1

If nothing else, these ratings should make you want to watch it, but here are some more in case you still need convincing.

13 reasons why netflix
Source: Netflix

1. Reminds me of the greatest high-school murder mystery TV show of all time

Snappy dialogue, high-school drama and a mystery that slowly unravels over the course of the season – as a Veronica Mars fan I should’ve known this show would take over my life. If you’ve never heard of or watched Veronica Mars then please know that I’m disowning you and we can no longer be friends. Though you can fix that by educating yourself on the most awesome teenage, female detective of all time (back off Nancy Drew). Also, there’s a possibility that VM might finally be relinquishing its crown to ’13 Reasons Why’ on my list. It remains to be seen.

Why does it remain to be seen?

Because I still haven’t finished watching 13 Reasons Why, which is driving me crazy. I’m halfway through it. And it has successfully acquired control of my thoughts, so here I am writing about it while I wait for my husband to show up from work so we can continue our marathon.  Please take note that these are some of the sacrifices one must make after marriage. You can’t “cheat” and watch ahead even if you’re willing to put your own life on hold for a satisfying binge watch.

Anyhow, now that my needlessly long rant is over, let’s talk about some of the other reasons you should watch it.

13 reasons why netflix
Source: Netflix

2. The gripping AF plot

The story revolves around the suicide of Hannah – a 17-year-old girl who has left behind 13 recordings on audio cassettes. The story is set in present day so not quite sure why she picked this old-school method of communication. There might be an explanation for it later on in the show. Each tape elaborates on one of the reasons that she took her life and is meant to be passed on to each of the 13 people she blames for her death. The season has, you guessed it, 13 episodes.

13 reasons why netflix
Source: Netflix

3. The beauty of the narrative

The story continues to shift between the past and present as seen through two different perspectives. While confusing and slightly repetitive at times, it also serves to give the plot an immersive edge and allows us to get familiar with Hannah even though she’s no longer alive.

13 reasons why netflix
Source: Netflix

4. The issues it tackles

The story also addresses some pretty major issues with a nuanced elegance that you won’t find in a lot of teen TV shows. Themes like identity, sexism, loneliness, the effects of social media and overall human vulnerability make the show as identifiable for adults as it is for teenagers.

13 reasons why netflix
Source: Netflix

5. The fact that it’s based on a best-selling book

The show is based on a book of the same name by Jay Asher which was published in 2006. While most adaptations of novels already have an unfair advantage over other TV shows or movies (in my opinion), critics have claimed that this one is better than the book itself 😮

Seriously, go watch it. Now. By yourself. So you won’t have to wait.

Oh, and it’s on Netflix so all the episodes are out.


21 thoughts on “5 Reasons to Watch 13 Reasons Why”

  1. I was reading this thinking oh my goodness I just got rid of my tv and went to Netflix and I was really liking and wanting to watch. Then I noticed your photo source and at the very end its on NETFLIX!!! YAY! Thanks for sharing I haven’t heard about this show before but I will be watching it now.

  2. I must be living under a rock, because I had no idea this was a show now! I read the book ages and ages ago, and I remember thinking it was really good. I just finished Gilmore Girls the other day, so I’ll be needing a new show to watch. Thank you!

  3. We are 10 episodes in and I love it. I am a school counselor, so I know how impactful this series can be for HS students and families everywhere. Great points! Love Hannah’s voice and the whole plot.

  4. So… I just got on Netflix and favored it! Beginning tonight! I just finished Penny Dreadful and have watched everything from Stranger Things to Gotham and House of Cards! To bad G.O.T isn’t on Netflix!

    Thank you!!! 😀

  5. This actually sounds really interesting and addictive as well. I’ll add it on my to-watch list 😀

  6. This show looks so good but I have a lot of shows on the go right now. My sister really likes it so I will have to check it out.

  7. I’ve just started watching the show, and these are some great reasons to continue to click play! I’ll admit the heaviness of the topic is a little off-putting, but I love how it gracefully tackles serious issues and makes the plot so intriguing…

  8. So I have heard of the show. BUT I never thought to watch it. Now thanks to your review, it’s gotten my interest, I think I might just watch this one, it looks good.

  9. I’ve never heard of it maybe because I’m more of a reader than a ‘screen show’ person but it does sound like a program with many talking points for the youth and educators especially. The issues contained are definitely for our present day world and need to be addressed with wisdom. Thanks for sharing.

  10. 13 reasons….sound like must watch…your five reasons are tempting me to get hold of this..let me check if I can get yo watch it in Netflix…

  11. Owh. When you mentioned book, that get’s me interested in at least reading it. Please don’t disown me. I’ll watch this is you finish Game of Thrones. Hehehe… I truly get what you mean when it comes to series marathons with the hubby. No cheating!

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