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I know what you were thinking when you woke up this morning, “Today is the day I will discover a super awesome facial cleanser that will magically solve all of my skin problems.” Okay, so maybe not exactly that but admit it, I’m close c: Even if you weren’t and you’ve somehow stumbled upon this post – you are about to be let into a skin secret that will change your life forever. Okay fine, I’m exaggerating a *tiny* bit in this build-up, but for good reason – I’m obsessed with this cleanser. I’ll tell you why.

You’ve probably, over the span of your lifetime, paid good money for skin products that made huge promises but just didn’t work. I know I have. And probably would’ve continued to, had a friend of mine not mentioned Food for your Face to me. It was one of those days when I had embarked on an endless rant about how sad my skin made me. And since I was in search of something without any chemicals, she recommended this. Even after she told me about it however, I didn’t order it for a while. Mainly out of sheer laziness and also because I wasn’t sure if it would be worth it. Anyhow, eventually I did and…

Life has never been the same. In a good way!

all natural face cleanser
Peachy Keen – the flavour I’m currently using (yep, they call ’em flavours cause food, get it? lolz).

Before I delve into the various reasons that I love their cleanser, let me just put out a disclaimer: while this product worked for me, it may or may not work for you depending on your skin type. If you do plan to order, it’s best to write to them first about the kind of skin you have, especially if you have sensitive skin, and they’ll recommend which one would work better for you. Don’t expect an instant response though, they got back to me after a day or so.

 Here’s what I ordered from Food for your Face:

Their Pandora Perfect Cleanser (in Briar Rose) and a Fixer Upper Face Pack (in Mint Cooler). While the Face Pack is also quite refreshing, I’m too lazy to use it regularly and it’s the cleanser that has won me over.

All natural face cleanser
The packaging is pretty basic so I store it in an air tight glass container rather than the re-sealable plastic bag it comes in.

Why I Love it:

  • It smells amazing (I’ve tried Briar Rose and Peachy Keen so far and loved how both smelled)
  • It makes my skin feel a whole lot softer and smoother even after hours of wearing makeup (on the rare days that I do wear makeup for hours)
  • I don’t even need a makeup remover for foundation anymore, I just use this directly and it washes away errrythingg
  • It has visibly brightened my skin and helped reduce acne marks
  • Also, I’ve noticed the frequency with which I get pimples has exponentially gone down since I started using this regularly
  • It’s satisfying to know that it’s homemade and is created with all-natural products and also that you’re supporting a local small, business every time you make a purchase
  • I no longer need to spend money on facewash ‘cause this is it (mine used to cost PKR 1500 and would last about a month; this costs me PKR 850 and lasts me 7-8 weeks)
how to use cleanser
I take about a tablespoon each time I use it. Usually, I just make it in the palm of my hand so this civilised use of a utensil is mainly for your benefit. Please feel special c:
how to use face cleanser
Add enough water to give it a thick, paste-like consistency and you’re good to go.

So yeah, that’s about it. I still feel like I might have missed out on some of its qualities but you should just try it and see for yourself.

Oh, one last thing.

If you’re interested in ordering, here’s how:

It’s a small, home-based business so they don’t have an outlet or anything. You can order directly from their Facebook page here.

face cleanser

P.S: Considering how much I’m gushing over this product, you might be wondering if I personally know the people behind it or if they’ve asked me to do this review – the answer is no. I genuinely really like the cleanser and wanted to share my experience with you.

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  1. I love all natural cleaners. We have enough toxins going into our bodies through our skin without adding more to it. I can’t wait to check this out.

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