Update: Girls, some of you had written to me saying that these might contain high lead content. While I love the fact that they’re cheap, nothing is more important than your health. There are ways of testing lip colours for lead content at home such as this. I’ve also heard about a gold ring test but that apparently is just a hoax according to this article. Either way, it’s best to be wary of these things and make an informed decision. 

Liquid lipsticks continue to rule the makeup world, serving as a major power accessory to celebrities and matte-lipped Instagrammers alike. It came as a surprise to no-one when Kylie Jenner’s lip kit became one of the fastest selling makeup products in history. Many over-excited teens shed tears of woe when they were unable to get their hands on the makeup product of the decade. Others scrambled to find cheaper alternatives in brands like ColourPop and NYX. But, many of us Pakistanis just witnessed all the drama from afar. Since most (if not all) of these brands aren’t locally available, making our way to the local cosmetic store isn’t much help. We have to wait for the friendly relative willing to bring them from abroad or find Facebook pages selling them for a profit. Even the more affordable brands like ColourPop which originally cost $6 or approx PKR 630 end up costing us over PKR 1000.

So you’ll be happy to know that Pakistan has it’s very own brand that produces some pretty great liquid lipsticks. If you haven’t heard of Clazona before, you’re not alone. I only came across it recently (after having spent quite a bit on other brands!). But boy, am I glad I did!

Here’s what I discovered


  1. It only costs PKR 160 (approx $1.60).
  2. It’s available in a lot of different shades from nudes to the more adventurous darker hues.
  3. It has an ultra-pigmented matte formula which slides on like a dream. It’s wet while applying and dries in a few minutes.
  4. It doesn’t dry up your lips (a lot of other brands like Colorpop tend to suck out all the moisture from your lips). I didn’t even have to put on any primer before putting this on.
  5. When they call it a 24 hour matte lipgloss, they aren’t kidding. It stays on FOREVER. I actually had to scrub it off with a lip scrub at the end of the day. If you don’t own a lip scrub, you can learn how to make your own here.
  6. It comes with a doe-foot applicator which makes it easy to put on.
  7. Oh and did I mention how cheap it is?! Okay yeah, I know I already said this but I can’t get over it. You could snag 10 of these babies for the price of ONE Kat Von D or Kylie Liquid Lipstick.


  1. They don’t mention the ingredients anywhere so you don’t really know what you’re putting on your lips. This makes me a little uncomfortable.
  2. It doesn’t come OFF. I feel like this is a pro AND a con. While we all love our long-lasting lip colours, we do like taking them off at the end of the day. This one can develop quite an attachment to your lips and prove to be quite stubborn to get rid of.
  3. So this is one con I haven’t experienced myself because I’ve only been using these for about a week. But I feel like it’s worth mentioning here so you can make an informed decision. Some girls have said that it can make your lips dark. I can’t vouch for this so far but it could be a possibility with long-term use, perhaps? There’s also the fact that many products can react differently to different skin types. So this one remains to be seen. I’ll keep you guys updated.
  4. I’m not a huge fan of the scent. Thankfully, it’s not very strong and dissipates after a while.

Now for the good part. Here are 5 Clazona colours that are ultra-cheap replacements for some of the most expensive liquid lipsticks out there. Also, the fact that they’re locally-made and available at most big department stores (I got mine from the cosmetic section at Imtiaz) adds even more to their appeal!

1) Clazona 509

This darkish nude by Clazona is brown with a slightly pink undertone and is almost exactly the same colour as the Kylie Cosmetics Dolce K Matte Liquid Lipstick or ColourPop’s Ultra Matte Lip in Teeny Tiny.

clazona swatch

2) Clazona 525

This vibrant red can give any of these colours by high-end brands, a run for their money:

Mary Jo K by Kylie Cosmetics

Redrum by Jeffree Star

Outlaw by Kat Von D

Ruby Woo by Mac

clazona swatch

3) Clazona 504

This light, dusky rose colour is shockingly close to Kylie Cosmetics Candy K. It’s also a great dupe for Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in the colour Pure Hollywood.

clazona swatch

4) Clazona 520

This one’s a light-pink nude, close to Koko K by Kylie Cosmetics, Namaste by Tarte, Midi by ColourPop or Milk Shake by Anastasia Beverly Hills.

clazona swatch

6) Clazona 506

My personal favourite is this deep plum-colour. It looks great when you wear it and is the perfect dupe for Vintage by Anastasia Beverly Hills, Hangry by Tarte, Bad Habit by ColourPop or Fetish by Lime Crime.

clazona swatch

More Swatches

clazona swatch

clazona swatch
This is the closest to how the colours actually look when I wear them.


28 thoughts on “5 Clazona Liquid Lipsticks That Are Amazing Dupes For Expensive Brands”

  1. Really like the shades of these liquid lipsticks. I do not like lip glosses. How different are these from lip glosses?

  2. I am going to have to pass this along to my teenage daughter. I’m not into lipstick so much, but she’s obsessed! Thanks for the review!

  3. I’ve been looking for a shade like 509 for so long! Where’d you get it? And man its cheap, I need to get my hands on it.

  4. I personally don’t believe in brands. You sure are right that many just miss the wonders of the secret treasures that our own local brands have to offer. It’s nice to know about Clazona… For me, as long as the skincare or cosmetic product is cruelty-free, organic or herbal, and most of all HALAL… then I’m all good.

    1. Yeah, those things are definitely super important! Unfortunately I really don’t know enough about this brand to say whether it qualifies that criteria :/ But I’m hoping that being made in Pakistan would mean that it’s halal?

    1. Thanks Ayesha! I’m so glad you found it helpful 🙂 I didn’t buy mine online but I just did some research for you and they seem to be available on Daraz and Kaymu.

  5. Wow you have done quite a lot of research in preparing this post. I have never heard of this brand before probably because it’s only available in Pakistan

  6. These look nice and i say that genuinely not cos they are at a great deal though that makes them even prettier ?

  7. I’ve seen various articles and posts about different cheaper dupes for more expensive brands but I’m always skeptical. Yes, the color might look similar but is the quality as good? Thanks for providing this review. Also, as far as the product not coming off easily, I found that baby wipes tend to help.

    1. Hi Alicia, they’re available on daraz.pk and kaymu.pk but I’m not quite sure if these websites do worldwide deliveries. You can check them out, though 🙂 Since the brand itself is a small brand from Pakistan, I only know of some local stores that stock their products. I don’t know if that would be helpful for you..

  8. Does anyone know if these babies are available in Lahore? I want to get my hands on them but I haven’t stumbled across these yet.

    1. Hi, so I’ve recently discovered that these have a high lead content which is why they’re so long lasting. Don’t look for them. I’ll look out for some other cheaper brands for dupes!

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