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Let me just start this by saying that the Moto Z has an unfair edge over other smartphones in the market. And no, it’s not because when we hear ‘Moto’ we’re transported back in time to the iconic Moto Razr which could make any flip phone fan swoon (who didn’t want one?!). It’s because the Moto Z can’t be judged as a stand-alone phone. It’s very identity stems from its modular add-on accessories which the company refers to as “mods”.

While posing as just another high-end smartphone sharing specs with the likes of Samsung S7 or HTC 10, the Moto Z’s break from convention lies in the innovative Moto Mods. These, along with the phone, were revealed at a launch event for the Moto Z recently organised by Lenovo in Karachi.

So, if it’s basically just like a Samsung S7 (minus the mods), is it worth your time and money? Let’s find out:

Moto Z Pros

moto z pakistan


It’s the world’s thinnest premium smartphone to date. It’s also very light but thankfully didn’t feel like it would break when I held it. It seems quite sturdy for its dimensions.


It comes with 32 GB or 64 GB built-in memory which is extendable up to 2 TB.


High-resolution 13MP camera with optical image stabilization and laser autofocus. The front-facing 5MP camera includes a wide-angle lens and an extra flash.

Water Resistance

The smartphone comes with a water-repellant coating, which shields the phone from any rain, splashes or spills that might come its way.

Battery life

The Moto Z supports up to 30 hours of battery, which is pretty amazing for a smartphone of its stature.

Finger Print Sensor

You can wake your Moto Z or put it to sleep with one touch. The finger print sensor serves a dual purpose so there’s no need to reach for a sleep-wake button on the side.

Moto Mods

moto z mods pakistan

I saved the best for last. These are the true winners that give the Moto Z it’s crowning moment in the competitive world of smartphones. Currently, the company has launched four of these though they announced at the launch event that they’re in the process of developing more. These connect seamlessly to the phone’s back, through magnets, with minimal user intervention. These can also be used with other Moto models and will probably be compatible with future Moto phones as well.

There’s, of course, the predictable extended battery mod but it’s the other three that I found really exciting :

The Hasselblad True Zoom: The Hasselblad True Zoom enhances the phone’s camera, allowing you to take crisp, zoomed in pictures. Random trivia: Did you know that the very first picture of Neil Armstrong on the moon was taken with a Hasselblad camera?

JBL Soundboost: Gives your Moto Z’s speakers quite an upgrade and is great for a small party or video calls on speaker etc.

Moto Insta-Share: My personal favourite is the Insta-Share Mod which allows you to project videos or photos on any nearby surface such as a wall. It projects up to 70 inches without distortion.

Moto Z Cons


Priced at PKR 75,000, the Moto Z is quite expensive. The phone comes with a Moto Style Shell but each of the mods has to be bought separately and they’re not cheap either!

Headphone Jack

It seems Apple isn’t the only company to have done away with the headphone jack. The Moto Z’s super-slim design has meant that it also comes without a headphone jack. It does come with a converter though and you can always use Bluetooth!


If you’re in the market for a high-end smartphone then the Moto Z is definitely a worthy candidate. Spending about the same amount as you would on any other phone in its category (such as the Samsung S7 or Huawei Mate 9), what the Moto Z promises you is the potential of adding on even more with its Moto Mods. You don’t necessarily need to invest in all of them but it definitely gives you the option to keep upgrading your phone over time. And needless to say, there’s no other phone currently out there that can turn into a projector!

The Moto Z Anthem

As part of the phone launch, Lenovo also revealed a video of the national anthem with sound and footage recorded completely on the Moto Z using Moto Mods. A collaboration between Hira Tareen, Amean J and Mehreen Jabbar, this might you give you a better idea of what the phone is capable of rather than all those  endless, technical specs.



65 thoughts on “Lenovo Launches the Moto Z in Pakistan – Should You Buy it?”

  1. Good review of the phone , I’m not sure I’d want to buy it though I miss simple phones now all the smartphones are like carrying around your computer in your pocket

    1. Thanks! Haha that’s true. I know what you mean! I was using an old Nokia recently and it brought back so many memories. I like disconnecting sometimes but it’s so difficult to survive without smartphones once you get used to them!

    1. Yeah, I’ve only recently seen people using Lenovo phones. But the fact that they’ve acquire Motorola is a good sign, I think considering Moto has a pretty long lineage of good phones behind it!

  2. Thanks for sharing all the deets on this moto phone! I used to own a razr back in the day – haha! I loved it…thought it was too cool! Now I have an iPhone. But, so many options on there now that its important to know all the details before making a purchase.

    1. Lol I always wanted a Razr but ended up with an LG Chocolate instead. I am an iPhone person too but I thought this was one was pretty cool!

  3. It’s all about the camera for me when I decide to upgrade my phone! I’ll have to play around with that first before making solid decision, but overall it looks great!

  4. This phone looks really good! I like the camera on it which is key for me because I’m constantly taking pictures of whenever I go out!

  5. Oh I’ve never considered Lenovo before but it does look well swanky! I love when phones are robust rather than round and slippy! And the camera is a great selling point too! x

  6. It looks like a gorgeous phone! I have an iPhone that I love, and honestly, I don’t think I could go to a different phone because I am not tech savvy enough to figure them out 🙂

    1. I know what you mean! Switching to a completely new OS always takes an adjustment period. I’m also a pretty loyal iPhone user so going back to Android will require quite a bit of back and forth inside my head.

  7. Looks like there is a lot to consider with this phone. There are always pros and cons to phones but you will never know until it’s in your hands.

  8. Oh gosh I remember those moto flip phones! They were so cool at the time. Fun fact: We found one in the yoga studio parking lot about 6 months ago. Took me 10 minutes to remember how to use it! How times have changed!!!

  9. I used to love motorola phones and recently had the moto g for a while but I realized when I had it that I have grown to prefer Samsung much more. I do like the idea of all the add ons for the moto z but i’m sure samsung will catch up to that soon.

  10. I had a Lenovo computer and I was really disappointed, so I am not so sure I would be interested in this but the specs sound great!

  11. I own the Moto Z Droid, and I love it. It is a thin phone, but also heavy, in my opinion. I think overall…it has a lot of really cool features. I bought the wireless charging battery mod for my brother’s birthday. I wish it had a headphone jack, but I can live without it. I am absolutely in love with the fingerprint sensor.

  12. This phone sounds perfect, especially since I’ve been wanting to upgrade my iPhone lately. I love taking pictures and this one sounds like it has superb picture quality.

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