With so many options clamouring for your attention at Karachi Eat, you’re hard pressed to make the right food decisions – what if you try something too adventurous that doesn’t please your palate as much as you had anticipated? What if the money you’ve spent just doesn’t justify what you’re presented with from the stall? What if all the bad food decisions trigger an existential crisis that makes you question all the life choices you’ve ever made? Save yourself from this fate by taking a look at this list of top five foods at this year’s Karachi Eat Festival that definitely won’t disappoint.

1) Breast and Loin 

Breast and Loin at Karachi Eat

Price: PKR 250-300

The sliders at Breast and Loin. Breast and Loin’s take on this American sandwich is flavorful and unpretentious, hitting all the right notes. Each serving comes with two sliders so if you want to save space for everything else on offer, then you can share a helping (though you may choose not to once you try it!).

2) Chapli Kebab House

Chapli Kebab House at Karachi Eat

Price: PKR 200-250

A classic at Karachi Eat, consider your trip to KEF wasted if you don’t get your hands on this succulent, meaty treat served over a hot naan. It is quite filling and great value for money.

3) Nom Nom Tacos

Nom Nom Tacos at Karachi Eat

Price: PKR 250

If you’re in the mood for some Mexican, these tiny tacos are a blend of unique flavours and a new addition to this year’s festival. The combination of pineapples with chicken may not be for the faint of heart but if you like getting experimental with your food then this is a must-try. They also have a beef option.

4) Saydyz

Saydyz at Karachi Eat

Price: PKR 300

The science of sorbet-making is one that is not easily mastered but I was unexpectedly pleased with the offering at Saydyz. The unusual strawberry-kiwi flavour had a smooth, creamy texture and struck the perfect balance between sweet and sour. If you’re not a fan of the sour sorbet, you may want to try out one of their other five flavours.

5) The Waffle Cart 

The Waffle Cart at Karachi Eat

Price: PKR 300

According to The Waffle Cart, the Ferrero Rocher is their best seller and I can see why! Topped with Nutella and crushed Ferroro Rocher it is delightfully crispy, rich and fluffy. It is also cut up into bite-sized squares making it easier to eat.

6) Danish Sandwiches 

Danish Sandwiches at Karachi Eat

Price: PKR 100

The homemade mini-Danish sandwiches topped with caramelised onions were a burst of flavour and not too heavy on the wallet or the stomach.

While these are my top favourites out of all the foods I tried, there were some stalls that I was really looking forward to visiting but was unable to because the festival was deluged by the non-stop rain. When Karachi Eat resurfaces tomorrow, I’m definitely making my way to the ones I missed out on last Friday.

Update: I found my way back to Karachi Eat this weekend (yay!) and straightaway made a beeline for the stalls I couldn’t get to last time. Long story short, let’s just say I left with my stomach satisfied that it had discovered food heaven. Apart from my favourites last week, I’m adding some new ones to the list:

7) D’oh

Price: PKR 250

The Brazilian churros at Do’h definitely lived up to the hype. Stuffed with Nutella and rolled in powdered cinammon and sugar, they were a burst of crunchy, chocolatey goodness worth every penny!

8) Crepe Tease

Price: PKR 250

The classic Nutella-strawberry crepe here was served with fresh strawberries (!) and evoked memories of an amazing crepe I had in Paris once from a random concession stand. They also have other topping options you can choose from if you’d like to mix things up a bit.

9) Peak Freans

Price: PKR 30-50 (Yes, you read that right. No, I didn’t miss out any zeroes)

This one definitely came as a surprise. Though it wasn’t on my list, once I caught sight of the delectable canapés, I was drawn to the small, bite-sized goodies (especially after having stuffed my face with so much heavy food). I got three canapés with different savoury toppings followed by Peek Freans’ take on panna cotta – rich and creamy with a sprinkling of crushed biscuits. If you’re on the lookout for something delicious and budget-friendly, you should make your way here.

10) And last but not the least – Jucy Lucy

Price: PKR 300

I couldn’t get a picture of the burger (was in too much of a hurry to devour it) but guys, the long lines are worth it! The cheese-stuffed beef patty is what makes their burger unique and if you’re a fan of beef burgers, you’ll live to regret not getting your hands on this one.

What was your favourite at this year’s Karachi Eat?

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