Unused to carrying heavy weights for long distances and too OCD to wear the same clothes for a week, packing for a Euro Trip was nothing less than rocket science for a lazy bum like me. I couldn’t even picture myself lugging around (let alone attempt to lift) one of those huge rucksacks you see people on Euro Trips so effortlessly getting onto trains with. On the flip side, wheeling around a suitcase from city to city would have been completely unviable for a budget trip like ours where fancy hotels and chauffeur driven rides to and from the various airports were not on the cards.

It all came down to making some tough wardrobe choices and packing very frugally without compromising on functionality and comfort. If you’re planning a trip to Europe in similar circumstances, then this might help! Here’s a list of four things that you should definitely invest in:

1) Trolley backpack

Giving you almost as much space as any other regular-sized backpack, this nifty contraption has an added trolley feature that doesn’t deplete your energy reserves, allowing you to spend your energy on better pursuits such as sightseeing!

2) Leather Jacket

Okay, the leather part is really just a personal preference. The point is to make sure you have a warm article of clothing to pack in all the layers underneath. Even in May, the weather in Europe called for some pretty heavy layering up for someone born and raised in the mild Karachi temperatures. This piece of clothing was an absolute life saver. I’m positive it protected me from freezing to death.

3) comfortable & sturdy Shoes

If you’re really looking to explore the places you visit, walking is the only way to go so this particular choice was WAY more important than I had initially anticipated. In retrospect, I should’ve compromised on the looks for a little more comfort but hey, maybe you can learn from my mistakes!

4) Tiny backpack or crossover bag or both

For all the essentials that need to be easily accessible including your cash, passport and phone, digging into your large backpack every single time can get a tiny bit frustrating. Let the crossover be your unexpected hero every time you need to reach out for some change or snapchat another European antiquity that’s caught your eye.

31 thoughts on “A Lazy Girl’s Guide to Packing For Your Euro Trip”

  1. Very useful tips! I’m definitely with you on the comfortable shoes. Walking in the European cities is no fun if you don’t have the right footwear. I was in Rome recently and there’s so much walking involved in visiting such a city; I found that by the end of the day you could tell if people wore comfortable shoes or not just by looking at the expression on their faces. 🙂

    1. Hahaha! Can’t say I’ve noticed this before but I’m definitely keeping an eye out for the expressions next time 🙂

  2. Haha, I love that you brought leather jacket! Although I would have frozen in one, I prefer one of those functional ones although they are rather ugly. A leather jacket always looks cool!
    I am now traveling from Europe to India, currently in Turkey for the winter, and am missing my good old alpaca sweater <3 too bad i took some functional thermo hoodies instead, they totally suck compared to alpaca!

    1. Karin, the leather jacket was just the uppermost layer with multiple layers underneath 😛 Turkey must be freezing right now! But I’m sure India will be a great change in terms of weather. If you’re ever heading to Pakistan, let me know! I can show you around 🙂

  3. Great tips, I think a leather jacket is perfect for Europe – bonus if it’s one of the ones with a collar that can be folded and worn in different ways!

    1. Mine didn’t have a collar so I had to make do with scarves but you’re right – the collar would’ve definitely been a great addition!

    1. I’ve already tried so many, Samantha, and I’m still looking! Even the ones that start out comfy tend to start giving your feet a hard time once you’ve worn them too long or walked too far 🙁

  4. My packing his come down to a science – I prefer carry-on only and bring ONLY what I will need.

    I learned about a year ago that I only need my basics when traveling so everything else was just fluff – so i got down to a carry-on so I don’t have to pay to check and its lightweight and easy to use.

  5. Yesss it’s all about strategy with packing! I often dread packing for long trips but I wholeheartedly agree with you with a trolley backpack over a regular one. I am not a fan of physically carrying all my stuff (plus I’m lazy lol).

  6. Totally agree with you on the shoes! The amount of walking I’ve done through European cities is unreal and your feet don’t thank you for wearing some cheap, unsupportive footwear. I’ve not felt bad-ass enough to pull off a leather jacket, but greatly admire people who can rock them.

  7. These are useful tips that I can use for my trips in Europe this year. I have a backpack with wheels too and it’s so worth it! Much easier than carrying it around on your back all the time.

  8. I have found a backpack to be easier to walk around streets and have your hands free for looking at maps! However it does tend to be very hot carrying that around, and I agree wheels are easier sometimes!
    Also agree with with the sturdy footwear! Good investments in trekking shoes however can be the best thing ever!
    Nice blog post! And so true!

    1. I agree Kirsten! Which is why I feel the trolley backpack is so versatile. When you’re done wheeling it around, you can carry it too 🙂

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