For a travel junkie, I’ve always secretly lamented my inability to fly away from the daily grind at a moment’s notice. I’ve spent hours devouring the content of travel blogs, mentally drooling over the photographs and mulling over the possibility of quitting everything to embrace the life of a digital nomad. Last year, the travel gods smiled upon me giving a glimpse into (almost) everything that I had dreamt of for so long. Admittedly, I didn’t resort to anything as dramatic as quitting my job and depleting all my finances to pursue my love of traipsing around the world. But let’s just say I sampled from the vast offering of the universe and came back wanting more. For the next few weeks, I intend to document the journeys (both mental and physical) that resulted from an eventful, travel-filled year. Brimming with the exhilaration that travelling produces in me, you can expect tales replete with realizations, road-trips, riddles, reptiles and races (against time). You can also anticipate unnecessary alliteration and unbridled use of hyperbole.

Let’s do this!

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