You know what the Netflix/YouTube generation will never know? The sheer impatience of waiting for your TV show to return from a break filled with (mostly) cringeworthy advertisements. I mean, sure, they’ll be advertised to in other ways but they won’t feel that urgent itch to grab the remote and rescue themselves from ads failing to do what they’re intended to – persuade you to buy the product. Don’t get me wrong, not all Pakistani ads compel you to run in the other direction with their sheer pointlessness but I think we can all agree that the exceptions are few and far between. So, when you see an ad and it DOESN’T automatically prompt you to reach out for the remote, you know they’ve done something right. Like this Nurpur ad from a couple of years ago that I was kind of obsessed with (I don’t even think I was the only one):

The real question was: were they a one-hit wonder or would future ads also live up to the standard they had set for themselves?

Having seen their Ramzan ad this year, I feel like the latter is true. But don’t take my word for it. Here, make up your own mind, if you haven’t already come across the Nurpur TVC:

Now that you’ve seen it, let me tell you why I liked it enough to write a blog post about it:

1) It Made Me Want Some Nurpur in My Life

I remember when I first saw the TVC, I suddenly felt super hungry and also noticed this urgent need to whip up a fancy dessert using Nurpur ka doodh. What’s that thing you say when an ad actually makes you want to go out and buy the product? Oh yeah. Mission accomplished.

2) It Focuses on THE Most Important Thing – FOOD

I mean, it’s beautiful, guys. Just. Look. At. Those. Food. Shots. I’m. Crying.

Nurpur Ad

Nurpur Ad
Is that french toast? ‘Cause gimme
Now the French Toast is flying around with powdered sugar and fresh strawberries. What is this sorcery
Nurpur Ad
And what’s this. Some kind of dessert? I have no idea. But I want it
Nurpur ad
And, of course, the chai shot

3) There Was No Pointless Naach Gaana

I have nothing against pretty sets and beautifully choreographed dances but, really, if you’re trying to sell oil what’s a flawless dance routine doing for your product? I’ll tell you – zilch. It’s doing nothing.

Bonus: The Music

I know I said three reasons but I just remembered this one. Have you noticed the background music? No idea what the actual song is but I love how it sounds – has a very folksy/cultural ring to it, nahin?


So yeah, this was the second edition of me trying this new thing on the blog where I share my amateur opinion about stuff I don’t know much about but have thoughts on. Also did something similar here.

But wait. Isn’t that what people do on the internet? Okay great, I’m not alone (hashtag self validation c:).

Extra internet points for you if you share your own thoughts on my thoughts and your thoughts on whether this should be a regular feature. Thanksgoodbye.





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