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Five Cool Stories From All Over The Web

I know it’s only Thursday but don’t let anyone (or anything) stop you from getting into weekend mode. Doesn’t have to mean that you say goodbye to your boss and your work and head home (tell me you haven’t fantasised about that though >.>). It’s just about getting into the right mental state (and daydreaming your way through the day, hehe). So here’s a bunch of cool stuff I’ve gathered that might just nudge you in the right direction. Not that I doubt your daydreaming abilities (insert creepy winking emoji).

weekly web digest

 1. I don’t know about you but travel photography rocks my world. I can spend hours staring wistfully at travel pictures hoping to transport myself to the location through sheer force of will (hasn’t worked so far, in case you’re wondering). But check out these stunning travel pictures that are so perfect, they almost look unreal. Side effect: May make you want to pack your bags and get on the next flight to wherever.

weekly web digest

2. Ever thought the usual potato chips are way too opaque? Or maybe you’ve always wondered what glass would taste like but never attempted it because you don’t enjoy the taste of blood in your mouth. Either way, glass potato chips will solve all of these problems. Lol, I know this sounds crazy but look how pretty that chip is! Seems like way too much effort for me to actually try it out. But it was such a cool idea, I had to share it with you guys.

design small space

3. These ideas to make the most of small spaces in your house are so epic. Not all of them might be quite doable for everyone but you can still admire the pure human ingenuity!

weekly web digest

4. This artist took children’s drawings and turned them into realistic looking paintings. The results are fascinating.

funny product instruction

5. The people who wrote these product instructions are putting their sense of humour to good use. Some of these are so clever, you’ll wonder why they’re not more widely used! I mean, everyone needs a hoodie that gives you life instructions right after the washing instructions.


Also, in case you missed it, did this half top knot hairstyle yesterday. Please check it out and give me some validation, thanks.

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